2012 Presentations

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If you would like to receive a copy of the PowerPoint version of the presentations, please contact David Newlin.

Putting the Water Resources Development Commission (WRDC) Report in Context -Ed McGavock

RECLAMATION, Managing Water in the West -Kevin Black, Sr.

AZPDES Pesticide General Permit -Byron James

Eastern Arizona Rural Water Issues -David Brown

Instream Flow -David Brown

Apache Sitgreaves NF Instream Water Flow Rights Program -Jim Zornes

Apache Sitgreaves NF Wallow Fire Update -Jim Zornes

Potash in the Holbrook Basin -Lee Allison, Arizona Geological Survey

Four Forest Restoration Initiative -Sharon Masek Lopez, NAU

Payment for Watershed Services -Sharon Masek Lopez, NAU

Petrified Forest National Park Presentation -Brad Traver

Overview of Water Resources of the Little Colorado River Basin with an emphasis on the C aquifer in the Holbrook area -Don Bills, USGS

Holbrook Basin Horizons: Guide to Potash, An introduction to potash mining in the Holbrook Basin, Arizona, for the local community and other stakeholders.

2012 Attendance

Final Attendance Roster Winter Watershed Conference Feb 2012